107. A-20 Little Dell Reservoir – Directions – Westbound Leaving

<p>Turn left when leaving the reservoir and continue southwest down the mountain. At odometer mile 11.4 the highway splits. You have two options.</p><div><p>To follow the combined Hastings Cutoff, Mormon Pioneer, and Pony Express trails down Emigration Canyon to Salt Lake City, turn right onto Emigration Canyon Road and click next or press 1+0+8 for stop A-21.</p><p>Or to connect to I-80 and follow the route of the old Golden Pass toll road into Salt Lake City, continue straight on UT-65 along the reservoir. </p><p>Watch on the right for a trail crossing sign and deep wagon swale. On the left farther down the road is a turnout with a stone monument commemorating the Donner-Reed Party and the 1847 Mormon pioneers. </p><p>Continue to the I-80 interchange and enter the westbound lanes to go to Salt Lake City. Refer to the printed or Adobe PDF version of the Utah Auto Tour Route Interpretive Guide to begin the Salt Lake City tour. See link below.</p><p><a href="#" rel="external">http://www.nps.gov/cali/planyourvisit/brochures.htm</a></p></div>