116. A-23 Donner Hill – Directions – Westbound

On the right at odometer mile 20.3 is a small sign for Donner Hill. On the left where the road curves south stands a stone monument with a missing plaque. At this location the hill is in front of you, easy to see, with a condominium at the top. Use caution when crossing the oncoming lane to enter or leave the widened road shoulder at the monument.

Continue down Emigration Canyon Road around the S-curve. If traffic permits, turn left at odometer mile 20.6 into an unmarked entrance for Rotary Glen Park. If you miss the entrance, turn left onto the next paved road, Crestview Drive, and turn around at a safe location to return to the intersection.

Turn right back onto Emigration Canyon Road and make an immediate right turn into Rotary Glen Park. Now go left across the parking lot and follow the dirt access road to the east. Park at a gravel lot to view Donner Hill.