24. A-3 Hanging Rock – Directions – Westbound Leaving

Hanging Rock is a natural bridge
Jack-in-the-Pulpit Rock is the the small pinnacle on the left
A close-up of the Jack-in-the-Pulpit Rock
A t-marker is located on the left side of the entrance road to a private ranch
Look for the t-marker post in the sagebrush
A close-up of the t-marker post showing an emigrant quote

Continue to odometer mile 2.5, just around the curve, to a turnout on the right marked with Summit County brown tour sign No. 9. Hanging Rock is the natural bridge to the right of the turnout. Private property: closed to the public.

Continue southwest on Echo Canyon Road. At odometer mile 3.9, look toward the ridge top on the right to view a columnar rock formation and minor landmark known as Jack-in-the-Pulpit. The viewing location is marked by Summit County’s brown tour sign No. 8.

Continue to odometer mile 4.1. A private ranch entrance is on the right. Near the road to the left of the entrance is a brown “T-marker” (a sign made of railroad rail) with an emigrant quote about camping in the area.

Drive two miles beyond the marker where the canyon constricts. Before modern highways were built, this segment of Echo Canyon was narrow, forcing wagon traffic to travel single file. For the Mormon militia, this seemed a strategic location to stop or delay approaching federal troops in 1857.

Continue driving along Echo Canyon Road. To learn about the Utah War and continue to stop A-4, click next or press 2+5.