49. A-11 Weber River Crossing – Information

James Frazier Reed
Lansford Hastings
Hastings went through Weber Canyon, The Donner Party blazed a new route through East Canyon
The Weber River today

This is where the Donner-Reed Party crossed the Weber River. Near here, they found a note from Lansford Hastings, who was escorting an earlier wagon company west along his new cutoff. The note warned the party not to follow the route of the lead wagons into dangerous Weber Canyon, northwest of here. Not knowing where to go, the bewildered emigrants camped about two miles to the north (where I-84 crosses the Weber River) for five precious days while James Reed rode ahead to find Hastings

Based on Hastings’s advice, the emigrants crossed the Weber River near here on August 11, 1846, and grubbed a new trail through the Wasatch Mountains. They crossed streams more than 40 times before reaching the Salt Lake Valley.

The road blazed by the Donner-Reed Party was improved by Mormon pioneers the following summer and became the main road into the Salt Lake Valley.