75. A-16 East Canyon Overlook – Directions – Westbound Leaving

View from Big Mountain: you can drive or hike to this viewpoint.

Continue south along the rim of the lake. UT-65 and the Hastings Cutoff diverge temporarily beyond the south end of East Canyon Reservoir at odometer reading 13.5 miles, the junction for the Jeremy Ranch Road. Here the highway curves right and the gravel Jeremy Ranch Road branches off from the pavement straight ahead, continuing south along the original trail alignment.

At this road junction you can:

Reset your trip odometer and bear right to stay on UT-65 and rejoin the trail 5.5 miles ahead at Big Mountain Pass. Follow UT-65 as it curves west to about the summit of Big Mountain, press 9+2 for stop A-17.


Enjoy a pleasant backcountry side trip and a hike along an important segment of the combined Hastings Cutoff, Mormon Pioneer, and Pony Express trails. This option entails a 7-mile round-trip drive on a bladed road that is suitable when dry for 2-wheel-drive passenger cars.

For this drive go straight onto Jeremy Ranch Road and click next or press 7+6 for this Optional Backcountry Route. To plan an optional hike from the Jeremy Ranch Road along the original trail route, review the Little Emigration Recreation Trail information by pressing 8+8 and the Big Mountain Pass to Little Dell Recreation Trail information by pressing 9+6.