76. A-Backcountry: Jeremy Ranch Road – Directions – Westbound

Look for a turnout on the right for the exhibit at odometer mile 2.6.

<p> A sign for Large Spring and Mormon Flat marks the junction of the unpaved Jeremy Ranch Road with UT-65. Reset your trip odometer here. Continue straight (south) on Jeremy Ranch Road and enjoy a leisurely drive along East Canyon Creek. </p><p><br/>At odometer mile 0.2, look east to your left, and see a log cabin that was the original Bauchmann’s Pony Express Station. The building has been moved and remodeled, and does not retain its historic appearance. Its original location was about a half-mile south of here. The cabin is private property; please view it from the road. </p><p><br/>At odometer mile 2.6 pull into the narrow lane on the right to read an interpretive exhibit about the Mormon Trail. Enter the pedestrian gate to the left (do not enter the private gate on the right) and walk south to follow original remnants of the combined Mormon Pioneer, California, and Pony Express trails through the sagebrush toward Large Springs Camp, the next tour stop. Ticks may be found here.</p>