87. A-Backcountry: Mormon Flat – Directions – Westbound Leaving

The Little Emigration Canyon Trail leads to Big Mountain.

<div><p>To hike the Little Emigration Canyon Trail, click next or press 8+8.</p><p>To continue driving the tour route, you may retrace the drive back up Jeremy Ranch Road to UT-65 and resume the driving tour. At the junction, reset your trip odometer and turn left onto UT-65 to continue to the summit of Big Mountain. Press 9+2 for stop A-17. </p><p>Or to go directly to Salt Lake City, continue south on Jeremy Ranch Road for approximately four miles, turn right onto Rasmussen Road, and merge onto I-80. By taking the freeway route you bypass 15 miles of the Hastings Cutoff and numerous sites related to the Donner-Reed Party, the Mormon emigration, and the Pony Express Trail.</p><p>Enter the westbound lanes and drive to Salt Lake City, the western terminus of the Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail. For the downtown Salt Lake City tour, refer to the printed or Adobe PDF version of the Utah Auto Tour Route Interpretive Guide. See link below.</p></div><p><a data-ts-page-id="" href="#"> http://www.nps.gov/cali/planyourvisit/brochures.htm </a></p>